Monday, 11 May 2009

Luna Moth Shawl

I have finally finished my Luna Moth Shawl and I love it, it turned out really well considering I was concerned about whether the yarn that I was using would work. The yarn that I used was Sirdar Escape DK which is 51% wool and 49% acrylic but it actually blocked quite well and hasn't sprung back too much.

My only problem was running out of yarn, I bought 4 balls from a closing down shop and I wish that I could have got hold of another, but never mind I still love the finished article and the colour changes are lovely.

I now only have one project on the go (apart from sewing up a penguin which I keep putting off) which is my son's socks, just one toe to go! I need a new project but not sure what, I think should prob be more socks as I have a pile of sock yarn and not much else in any quantity. I am currently trying to think of projects for small amounts of yarn, I have been given some odd balls of odd yarn and I hate to let anything go to waste. I think that my next few projects should all come under the title of 'what to do with odd balls of icky acrylic and fashion yarn'!


  1. Rudee said...
    This is beautiful. I love the colors.
    Shay said...
    This is a dream; what an inspired use of that yarn.
    ldyAndúril said...
    Just beautiful, what a great color and pattern.

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