Thursday, 11 June 2009

Knitting in the Rain

June is turning into a damp squib here, overcast grey and rainy so my garden has been rather neglected (but well watered!) I have at least had plenty of time for knitting. I've nearly finished my ruby red scarf from Victorian Lace Today, the picture is terrible tho.

But my knitting time has mostly been occupied by my trying to create some summer socks, the yarn can at best be described as lurid, but the feel of this regia cotton is lovely and great for summer. Took me three attempts to get the shape and pattern how I wanted it to be, but they're progressing well now, or at least I hope they are!

I'm also working on a design for a bolero / shrug and I bought some patons jet in Kemps sale for 79p a ball! The design hasn't got any further than on paper as yet but I can't resist a sale, so I really hope I bought enough.

I have also finally written up my pattern for the All Grown Up Socks and will upload that today too.


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