Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Socks and Hats

I've been having great fun in the past few months designing and creating some of my own knitting patterns. It started with a hat for my son, he wanted one with trains on, this is the original swatch, though my son insisted on a blue hat in the end. But ever since I started with this hat I've been coming up with more and more ideas and I now have pieces of paper and little swatches everywhere!

At the moment I'm working on a pair of socks for my son as he wanted 'socks like daddys'. When I started searching for a pattern for his socks I found lots of baby sock and hundreds of lady sock patterns but not much for a 3 year old boy, so I've been knitting away and writing the pattern at the same time, I've nearly finished now and I'm quite pleased with them. These socks have already gained the nickname of 'all grown up'.

I now have the conundrum of what to start on next, although I should probably finish my Luna Moth Shawl that i started the other month, it is going to be quite a heavy version and I've decided that if I like it when complete am going to make a laceweight version too as it really is very pretty. I just have to stop myself from starting anymore projects!


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